Travel Log - Utah/Wyoming
April 12 after hitting one garage sale, left Twin Falls and headed south and east to Utah.  If I ever get really, REALLY depressed, put me in a car and take me to Maddox Restaurant in Perry, Utah.  I will be instantly improved.  THE   BEST meal this side of heaven is here.  I spent 3 years of my life in Brigham City just north of this amazing restaurant that modestly claims to have "fine food."  Goal Number 1 is complete:  eat at Moddox!!!

Climbing to nearly 8,000 feet quite a change from the 7 feet elevation in Pacific City, Oregon.  Clear, warm but there are big fat pillows of snow along side the road.  Wyoming is one long meditation punctuated by air brakes and Little America.  Collapsed in Laramie.  Clutch broke on H's truck but he fixed it in 5 minutes.  Gracie says, "Howard fix" these were some of her first words and she's got it right.  Only she says that when ANYTHING is not to her liking, like the weather, etc.

Woke up in Laramie, things cool and crisp off to get propane for the truck and decided the Laramie must be in a glitz-free zone.  There isn't anything shiny in the whole town. But I did find a jewel of a coffee shop.  If I ever had a coffee shop I would want it to be like Muddy Waters in downtown Laramie.  A yellow bicycle in the bathroom, 40's cotton dresses hung along the walls like art work and good coffee.  Found a 1/2 price sale at the Salvation Army and bought a Big Bird head.

On to Scott's Bluff and Alliance, Nebraska for one of the thrills of my life!  After mind-numbing bordom, arrived at CARHENGE (look it
up--www.carhenge.com--I think) and got to drive Seno right into the middle of it!!  Shot 3 rolls of film!   Totally blissed out. Limped into Ogalla, spent from the excitement.

Filling up with gas met a good-looking Englishman who wished me, "Good travels, lass!"  Now THAT was worth the drive over here! How often do I get called LASS!


Over 1,000 miles to arrive at our first major adventure CARHENGE outside Alliance, Nebraska April 13.
Seno takes center stage at the monument.
We made it!  Last year Stonehenge, this year Carhenge.  Love it! A family reunion was the imagination for this amazing effort.
Bring on the Druids; we are ready to worship the Ultimate Goddess -- Mother Road.  (Note: Cars planted in the ground all have their headlights pointed to the heavens.) Alyce's old Vega?  Recognize any of your old cars?
The Latin translation is: "To be honest it is here to surprise people."
Don't hurt the monument!
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