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  SheHIT  THE  ROAD, Across America in a Topless Car

She spent the night in a wild horse sanctuary, a caboose and a Hindu temple.  She found three versions of Stonehenge in America, a suicidal turtle, Al Capone’s Packard and thinks she found out why Elvis was on drugs.  She crossed the United States...coast to coast and back alone...in the worst possible choice for a car:  a vintage roadster with NO TOP. 

Driving in cold, heat and wind that broke all U.S. weather records, Alyce Cornyn-Selby drove 8,458 miles and encountered snow, thieves, rescuers, strange and wonderful Americans and even stranger American roadside attractions.  The car had no windshield wipers, no doors, no heater, no radio and absolutely no top, no global positioning unit, no cruise control. 

Her book, HIT THE ROAD, Across America in a Topless Car, includes excerpts from her journal and chronicles the pulse of Americans post 9/11.  “Part travelogue on the kitschiest of America, part inspirational essay on overcoming fears and following dreams...filled with people and the stories heard along the way,” writes the Rapid City Journal.

Take this 3-month odd-yssey with Alyce, for a nerve-racking and hilarious account of an amazing journey, a Vision Quest on red wheels through dicey urban streets, lonely prairies, mountain curves and historic highways.  Go in this open roadster that will let you smell the honeysuckle as you cross Tennessee but will pop its fenders in Poughkeepsie.  Sleep in it, watch sunrises in it, get nearly 
blown off bridges in it...but you’ll never forget it! 

A study in the effects on motivation, the story includes 53 color photographs, 23 “Roadster Lessons”, 30 states, 22 museums, adventure and insight on 312 pages. International speaker Alyce Cornyn-Selby, an authority on self-sabotage, overcame a fear of driving, fear of public speaking and obesity--she lost 100 pounds.  Her book What’s Your Sabotage? has been the best selling book at 
every convention since being published. 

HIT THE ROAD is one of the best books I’ve read this year.” --Paul Linnman, ABC news anchor.

I wouldn’t recommend this trip,” --Rick Steves, PBS Europe travel expert and author.

How drunk were you when you thought of this idea?”  asked Jerry Leestma, president of the Automotive Hall of Fame in Dearborn, Michigan.

To all of this, Alyce responds:Life should not be measured by the number of breaths you take but by the number of moments that take your breath away.

Why would a sane woman with a comfortable home in an historic neighborhood and a great career DO SUCH A THING?  Unlike Steinbeck and Kuralt and Kerouac and other Road Warriors, I'm not out in search of America.  (Note to the guys:  it's called a MAP!)  I know right where it is.  And I'm not looking for myself either.  I know who I am--I'm a person who wants to drive...a lot.

A more interesting question is:  "Why would you do it?" What would your reasons be?

I just want to:

    drive that little car 
'cause it's so much fun
 I want to see stuff.

Contact:  Travis Duncan, publicist 503-232-0433
                email:  justalyce@usa.net 

Website:  iHitTheRoad.com

High Priestess of Procrastination
(Across America in a Topless Car)
To order books:  503-232-0433


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